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Welcome to the new home of HR4ALL. If you have a current and valid maintenance contract with us, we invite you to download the latest version of the relevant software packages you are using. Simply login and you will be shown your current user status per program.
If your maintenance contract has expired you will not be able to download the latest versions anymore. However, you may continue using the older versions that you purchased and you may obtain return codes to re-enable systems that ask for these.
If you are using a version released before 2010 you need to upgrade your system as a matter of urgency - as wel will not be supporting or enabling renewal of systems older than 5 years.
If your system release is older than 2010; Kindly make sure that you download and install the latest version ASAP to ensure continued use of the system.
The new versions will inform you of new updates as they become available
If you are using the Internet Credit based version of PibSpeex, you also need to upgrade to the latest version as a matter of urgency, as we will be discontinuing the old scoring server soon.
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